Skala Kalonis in Lesvos, Greece

On my recent trip to Lesvos, along with Travel Bloggers Greece, we had the pleasure of staying in a beautiful seaside village called Skala Kallonis. The village is located on the Gulf of Kaloni.

There are many reasons why you should visit the seaside village of Skala Kalonis or even stay there.

Perfect Location:

The island of Lesvos is quite big, the third largest island in Greece after Crete and Evia. If you are interesting in exploring it, then Skala Kalonis is the perfect place for you to stay. It is located in the middle of the island, and you just need around 45 minutes to get to all the main attractions like Mytilene town in the eastern part of Lesvos, Molyvos in the north of Lesvos and Sigri and Eresos in the western part of Lesvos. Apart from the picturesque fishing port, there are a couple of lovely sandy beaches with shallow waters perfect for families.

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Kalloni is a village that keeps the traditions alive. During our visit, he had the chance to visit a bakery that bakes the bread in a traditional wooden oven. We had this delicious bread every morning for breakfast. We also visited a shop where wooden boats are made and repaired for generations and all that in the middle of the village.


Skala Kalonis is famous worldwide for its sardines. The sardines are in season during July and August, so if you happen to be in Lesvos island during that time, you have to try them. You can have them either grilled, fried or on (when the sardines are caught they are salted and eaten the same day with olive oil, lemon, and seasoning). You can even buy them in tins and take them home with you. Sardines accompany broad as well. They make excellent meze.


Bird Watching:

The area around Skala Kalonis is full of marshes, where a lot of migrant birds stop on their way to and from Northern Europe. One can find more than 330 different species of birds both migrant and local. The best months to visit are mid-April to May and in September – October. We were there at the end of April, and we saw a lot of bird watchers from around the world.

We were very lucky to meet the bird watching expert Steve Dudley, who does day trips around the island. Some of the birds one can see on the island according to Steve Dudley are Krüper’s Nuthatch, Cinereous Bunting, Olive-tree Warbler, Masked Shrike, Rüppell’s Warbler, raptors, flycatchers, waders, warblers, terns, and many others. The only ones I could recognize were the flamingos, though.

the marshes in Skala Kallonis


Where to stay in Skala Kalonis

Natura Studios

Skala Kalonis is the best place to stay if you want to explore the island. We stayed in Natura studios located at the center of the village. The studios are next to the square, many tavernas, shops and the small port. The apartments can accommodate 2 – 3 people, they offer a small kitchenette for cooking, very comfortable beds, verandas (some with sea view) and free wifi.

The owners Maria and Giorgos were very friendly and helpful. Breakfast was also very nice with fresh orange juice, a great blend of tea, coffee, handmade marmalades, honey from the island, bread from a traditional bakery, and a choice of cooked food like omelets, eggs, crepes, pies, and waffles. Natura studio is a place I would definitely return to.

our lovely hosts Maria and Giorgos
our lovely hosts Maria and Giorgos


Where to eat in Skala Kalonis

Food in Lesvos was fantastic. I can’t remember a single place where we didn’t enjoy some delicious food. Here are some great restaurants in the area that we ate, and I totally recommend.

Located in the central square in Skala Kalonis, Ambrosia offers a broad range of traditional Greek food, fresh fish, and tasty meze for the ouzo. The mousaka that we had was mouthwatering. Good prices.


Located in the center of Skala Kalonis, it offers traditional Greek food and excellent meze for ouzo. The fish that we had were very fresh and tasty. Great Prices

Mimis's taverna in Skala Kallonis Lesvos 4__1465232464_188.4.248.209


Dionysos restaurant is located on the seafront and is a favorite restaurant among bird watchers. We had some delicious traditional Greek food along with some fresh seafood. Good prices.

with Steve Dudley
with Steve Dudley

Caprice Kitchen bar:

Caprice is a lovely restaurant located on the seafront with nice food, a little bit more gourmet than the other restaurants in town. I particularly liked the grilled mushrooms that we had. Good prices and service.

Skala Kallonis is a beautiful village with local character. Have you been there?

A special thanks to Maria and Giorgos of Natura studios for their great hospitality and for showing us their island.

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