Spa weekend at Galini Wellness Spa & Resort in Kamena Vourla, Greece

My new year’s resolution for 2017 involves among other things a healthier lifestyle, so when I received an invitation to spend 3 days in one of Greece’s best spa hotels I was more than happy to accept.

Galini Wellness Spa & Resort is located just 150 km away from Athens, in a seaside town called Kamena Vourla, known since antiquity for its therapeutic hot springs. The town became important in the 1930s when a chemist discovered the high concentration of radon in the water of the springs and its importance to people’s health. It was at the time that the first hotels developed in the area, and after World War II, the town became a big tourist destination.

the indoor swimming pool with the thermal water
The other part of the swimming pool with the sea water

The Thermal Springs of Kamena Vourla are well- know due to their rare composition of minerals, salts, and radon. These radioactive sources are rare, and that is what makes these thermal springs unique. The thermal water gushes from mountain Knimis and its natural temperature ranges from 33 degrees Celsius to 49 degrees Celcius. The therapeutic elements of the water have a significant effect on many medical conditions like chronic rheumatisms, kidney, skin, gynecological diseases, and more.

Galini spa in Kamena Vourla 1
the decor of the spa reminded me of the one thousand and one nights

This beautiful spa covers a space of 3.000 m2. There are a couple of pools available on site, 1 indoor seawater pool perfect for thalassotherapy and 1 indoor thermal water pool with a Jacuzzi. There is also an outdoor thermal water pool available for the guests.

The spa has a number of medical treatments and beauty treatments that all use the therapeutic substances of the hot springs. Other facilities include a gym, a hammam, a rasul, a sauna, a solarium, a hairdresser, a variety of massages, body and face treatments. manicure and pedicure.

Galini spa in Kamena Vourla 2
beautiful pool inside the seating area

The spa is located on the ground floor of the hotel and has its own elevator so that guests don’t have to walk through the reception area with their bathrobes. For people who don’t stay at the hotel but want to use the spa facilities, there is a separate entrance.

Galini spa in Kamena Vourla 5
chromatotherapy with thermal water
Galini spa in Kamena Vourla 6
massage tables outside the Rasul

As soon as I checked in the hotel and settled in my room, I headed to the spa to discuss with the staff what treatments I will have the following days. Since the thermal water isn’t good for people suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease, there is a doctor on-site to discuss what is best for you.

Every day of my stay I would put on my swimsuit and bathrobe and head to the spa for a thermal bath. The staff will provide you with flip-flops, a towel, and a swimming hat to use on the pool.  Most of the days I used the indoor swimming pool, but one day that was snowing we decided to have a bath at the outdoor thermal pool. It was such an amazing experience, with the mountain at the back it felt like we were in Switzerland.

Galini Hotel & Spa
snowing at the outside swimming pool

Apart from the baths that were very soothing for my back pain, I had a full body massage with essential oils. The rooms for the massage treatments are designed in such way that create a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

The smell of the oils and the perfect room temperature contributed to the experience. My therapist was very well trained and with the soothing massage using long sweeping movements combined with a blend of pure essential oils that were absorbed deep into the skin managed to relieve the stress and tension of my body.

A visit to the spa without a beauty treatment would be incomplete, so my friends and I decided to have a Rasul. The treatment itself lasts about 45 minutes. We were welcomed into a private steam chamber with a Moroccan decor that smelt lemongrass. We were given a plate with a body scrub; a clay mud infused with the therapeutic properties of the thermal springs and a face mask.

There were four heated seats inside the chamber, so we sat down and first had a body scrub, we then applied the mud on our body and the mask to our face and relaxed hearing the sound of the running water inside the chamber.

Towards the end of the session the steam disappears and is replaced by a warm shower. We then laid down on a massage table where the therapist did a soothing massage with scented oil. It was a fantastic experience. Not only did I relax but I felt my body very clean and smooth. I enjoyed it so much that I could do it every day.

Galini spa in Kamena Vourla 9
The Rasul chamber
Galini spa in Kamena Vourla 10
With Marissa and Elena after having the Rasul treatment

In the spa, there is also a sitting area where you can relax and drink a tea between the treatments.

Galini spa in Kamena Vourla 2
one of the seating areas

I had an amazing experience at the Galini Wellness Resort & Spa. The staff was professional, polite, and well trained. The treatments did wonders to my body, I haven’t felt that relaxed for a long time. I totally recommend that you visit the Galini Spa in Kamena Vourla and take advantage of the therapeutic properties of the thermal springs.

Have you ever visited a thermal spring in Greece? How was your experience?

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Looking for a spa weekend in Greece. Galini Wellness & Spa Resort in Kamena Vourla takes advantage of the thermal springs of the area famous for its therapeutic properties

I was a guest at the Galini Wellness Resort & Spa but as always opinions are my own.

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  1. Come on! Swimming in the pool while it was snowing! Some years ago, I missed this opportunity in Austria because I couldn’t get into the pool… you know, girls problems! But my friends did it twice and I was so jealous. But It is on my travel bucket list! One day it will become reality for me too. The hotel and spa looks great. Kisses. Callie


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