Street Art Tour with Alternative Athens

When you think of Athens, ancient monuments usually come to mind right? In the last years, the streets of Athens have transformed into an open art gallery with many stunning pieces of graffiti that place the city into the top places to see street art around the world.

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Technopolis, the former Gas Factory of Athens photo by Travel Greece Travel Europe

On a sunny morning, my blogger friends from Travel Bloggers Greece and myself met with our guide Nikos from Alternative Athens in Thission station. Nikos apart from being a tour guide is a street art artist and a graphic designer.

photo by Family Goes Out

He first explained to us how street art started in New York and what were these colorful tags that you can find on the trains and walls.

We then embarked on a tour around the most alternative neighborhoods of Athens; Thissio, Gazi, Keramikos, Psiri, and Monastiraki.

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Street art in Psyri
Street art in Psyri

Throughout our walk, we saw many works of art from famous street art artists from Greece and around the world. We learned about the different methods of creating graffiti and how to recognize each artist.

It was fun trying to figure out the meaning behind each mural and it was interesting to learn that some of the art around Athens was commissioned from companies from the public and private sector.

Street Art Athens
Street Art Athens

One of my favorite murals in Athens is the one with Loukanikos, the protest dog. This dog was photographed along with people who were protesting against the austerity measures a few years ago. He was always with them. The dog has passed away and this mural was made in his memory. The mural is called “All Dogs Go to Heaven”.

Street Art Athens
“Owl” by Blaqk

I found this tour fascinating not only because of the beautiful street art that we saw but because we discovered some alternatives neighborhoods in Athens and learned some historical facts too.

Our guide was really friendly and knowledgeable and throughout the tour, I felt like we were on a walk with friends.

a coffee stop

The tour lasted for 3 hours. There is a lot of walking so wear comfortable shoes.

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