The Best Athens Tours

For one city, there has never been so much to see and explore. The capital of Greece caters to those who love history, mythology, art, and food, to name a few, and these tours are the perfect way to delve deeper into each unique culture. There are plenty to choose from, so consider these tours when you are next in the enchanting city of Athens.

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The best tours in Athens

Athens Food Tours

The Original Athens Food Tour

This private 4-hour walking tour first explores the best food markets in Athens; there you will find delectable foods such as wines, cheese, and salamis. Your guide will then take you to a 100-year-old café for a Greek breakfast and to a pastry shop to sample loukoumades (Greek donuts) and custard-filled filo squares.

Soon afterward, you will explore the meat and fish markets where you can drink home-grown coffee, purchase fresh market produce and enjoy the taste of family-produced Greek yogurt. The tour ends at the deli markets where the guide will provide complimentary gifts for you to take back home. This tour is available in English and Spanish.

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Athens 3-Hour Cooking Lesson & Dinner

Learn to prepare a traditional Greek meal in an old taverna with this hands-on cooking class. Your experienced cooking instructor will teach you about the herbs, vegetables, and meats involved in making delicious Mediterranean cuisine as well as how to make a Greek Sunday dinner. After the class, you can enjoy your lovingly hand-made meal with a glass of wine. Menus usually consist of 3-4 starters/salads and a main course.

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Fun Tours in Athens

3-Hour Segway Grand Tour

Explore Athens on wheels with a fun yet efficient Segway tour. Your guide will take you through historical sites, modern neighborhoods, shopping districts, markets, and archaeological sites, all with the ease of a Segway. You will discover Monastiraki Square, the neighborhoods of Thisseion and Plaka, the Temple of Zeus, and the National Garden of Athens to name but a few. This tour is a great option to do with the whole family, particularly those with teenagers.

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Athens, Piraeus & Glyfada Hop-on Hop-Off Bus Tour

If you want a tour that combines comfort and education in one, this one is for you. Enjoy learning about the history and architecture of Athens and Piraeus on board a double-decker bus with audio commentary available in twelve different languages. You can hop on and hop off as many times as you like at over 23 stops, including the Acropolis and Parthenon archaeological sites, the picturesque neo-classical neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, and the historic Piraeus port.

Find out more about the Athens, Piraeus & Glyfada Hop-on Hop-Off Bus Tour here.

The best Walking Tours in Athens

Athens Mythology Highlights Tour

The temple of Olympian Zeus

This 4-hour walking tour takes you through the myths of some of the most important monuments in Athens. You will hear many interesting stories including the birth of Athens, society in Ancient Greece, the Spartans, and the gods of that time. The tour will take you through historical and sometimes hidden sites and ruins such as The Parthenon, the Theater of Dionysus and the burial sites at Keramikos Cemetery. This fascinating journey through time is suitable for all ages.

Find out more about the Athens Mythology Highlights Tour here.

Ancient Athens Private Walking Tour: Acropolis & Museum

The Caryatids

This private and customizable 4-hour tour takes you through the world-famous Acropolis and its museum with a private, knowledgeable guide. At the Acropolis, you will have a chance to admire the ancient monuments & sculptures and learn about the Theatre of Dionysus, the Temple of Athena Nike, and the iconic Parthenon. The tour wraps up at the museum, where galleries and relics from Ancient Greece will greet you in a spectacular display.

Find out more about the Ancient Athens Private Walking Tour: Acropolis & Museum here.

Alternative Tours in Athens

Athens Alternative Walking Tour

This tour will take you through authentic Athens and show you the true history, culture and beauty of the city, whose influences draw from the East and West. Your guide will teach you about its complex history while also taking you to landmarks such as the Parliament, the University and the National Library. You will also discover neighborhoods such as Psiri and Monastiraki with its Ottoman Empire influences still present and wander through markets, tombs and a prison from World War II.

Find out more about the Athens Alternative Walking Tour here.

Athens 3-Hour Street Art Tour

Street art in Psyri

Discover the vibrant and spectacular art scene in Athens with this 3-hour tour, where you will witness urban street art in three different neighborhoods. Originally emerging in 1998, street art in Athens has developed over a period of ten years with an interesting history to accompany its distinctive fluxes in style. Unconventional and exciting, this tour also gives you a chance to decipher secret messages behind the art.

Find out more about the Athens 3-Hour Street Art Tour here.

There are plenty of exciting and unique tours on offer in Athens, catering to every interest and curiosity. They are not only great for families, but friends, couples and solo travellers as well; all you need to do is pick a tour which intrigues you the most and prepare to learn, explore and discover the rich culture in Athens.

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