Best 20 Beaches in Naxos to Discover

Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades, is an island of picturesque villages and interesting things to see. Whether that’s exploring the old town, archaeological museums, or mythological temples, there’s plenty to keep you amused. If it’s the beaches you’re after, there are lots dotted around the island perfect for windsurfing or relaxation, you just have to know where they are.

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Best Beaches in Naxos
Portara Naxos

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A Guide to the Best 20 Beaches on Naxos

Agios Georgios Beach

Best Beaches in Naxos
Agios Georgios city beach

Only 2km from Naxos Town, Agios Georgios is easy to reach and it’s one of the most popular spots for windsurfing due to the windy conditions and high waves. The beach is long and sandy, there are plenty of sunbeds, umbrellas, and cafes, restaurants, and beach bars that serve a great range of food and drinks.

Being close to the town, it can get crowded, but it’s a great place for families to spend the day. There are fabulous views of Paros and the sunsets are pretty amazing.

Agios Prokopios Beach

Beaches in Naxos
Saint Prokopios beach

Not only is Agios Prokopios beach one of the most popular beaches on Naxos, it’s also one of the most beautiful in Greece. 6 km from Naxos Town, it has a long, golden sandy beach, turquoise blue water, and parts unspoiled with sand dunes and free of sunbeds and umbrellas, so you get the best of both worlds here.

There are plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants, and watersports and diving are available. This beach has a perfect atmosphere, suitable for all generations, it’s easy to reach but arrive before midday to beat the crowds.

Agia Anna Beach

Beaches in Naxos
Agia Anna beach

Not far from Agios Prokopios you’ll find picturesque, Agia Anna; soft sand and crystal clear sea which is good for snorkeling. The beach is lined with beach bars and restaurants and there is a charming fishing port nearby. Agia Anna can be reached by bus or car or you can walk from Agios Prokopios about 1 km away. It’s less crowded than some of the other beaches in this area, so it’s popular with nudists.

Plaka Beach

Beaches in Naxos
Plaka beach

One of the most stunning beaches on Naxos is Plaka beach, a long white sandy beach with sand dunes nearby and clear blue water. It isn’t crowded and its calm atmosphere makes it perfect for relaxation and great for families.

It’s organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, there is windsurfing and other watersports available, and there are a few hotels, restaurants, and cafes that provide food and drinks throughout the day. It’s 10 km from Naxos Town, so it’s easy to reach by bus.

Orkos Beach

The Best Naxos Beaches
Orkos beach

10 km from Naxos Town, the less crowded, Orkos beach, is non-organized, but it’s great for families and windsurfing. Less than 1 km from Plaka, the tree-lined, sandy beach and azure blue water can be reached by walking from Plaka or Mikri Vigla. The beautiful coves in this area provide privacy and the surrounding hills and villages provide a stunning backdrop to this charming beach.

Mikri Vigla Beach

The Best Naxos Beaches
Mikri Vigla beach

Separated by a rocky hill, Mikri Vigla is located in a long, sweeping bay. Its northern shores have golden sand, turquoise water, and the Meltemi winds that affect this area are good for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The southern part of the beach is protected from the wind and the seemingly endless sandy beach and shallow water make it ideal for families.

It’s partly organized with tavernas that serve delicious food. Mikri Vigla is one of the best beaches to explore among the rocks and it’s a fabulous place to go for long walks or to gaze at the beautiful mountains in the distance.

Kastraki Beach

Kastraki Beach  - Naxos Beaches
Kastraki Beach

In the south of the island, the different bays of Kastraki beach offer crystal clear water, golden sands, and an unspoiled environment. There are no sunbeds or umbrellas here, but there are a few tavernas around. It’s a good beach for walking, especially if you want to find your own private piece of paradise. If you continue down the beach, you’ll find yourself on Glyfada beach, surrounded by green hills and more secluded spots. Both beaches are popular with naturists at certain times of the year.

Glyfada Beach

Glyfada Beach - beach in Naxos
Glyfada Beach

Glyfada Beach, located between Kastraki and Alyko, is one of the most impressive beaches in terms of its natural landscape. The bay itself is long and sprawling and is backed by rolling sand dunes dotted with rich vegetation.

The beach is wholly natural, with no sunbeds or parasols on offer but there are some tavernas and guesthouses nearby. Thanks to its location on the western side of the island, Glyfada is also an excellent spot to watch the sun go down. Glyfada is situated around 15km south of Chora so visitors are advised to rent a car to reach or stay around Glyfada Beach.

Hawaii Beach

Hawaii Beach - Naxos
Hawaii Beach

Hawaii Beach (also known as Alyko/Aliko beach) is another spectacular bay in the southwest of Naxos, again backed by sand dunes and a cedar forest. The area is actually made up of a collection of different coves (Alyko, Mikro Alyko, Kedros, and Hawaii) each of which boasts soft white sand and lush waters. The great thing about these bays is that they tend to be protected when the north winds blow.

Hawaii beach is the most notable bay in the region thanks to its sheer red rock cliffs that must be navigated in order to reach the sand. It also has some cool graffiti on the run-down buildings in the parking lot which are ideal backdrops for photographers.

Alyko Beach

The Best Naxos Beaches
Alyko Beach

Located in the southwest, Alyko beach has beautiful coves, clear, blue water, a long sandy beach, and red and white-colored cliffs, making it one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It’s non-organized, but family-friendly and can be easily reached by car or bus.

It’s a fabulous beach for snorkeling or exploring the nearby cedar forest. The beach has many hidden coves, so it’s a popular beach for nudists. If peace and quiet are the order of the day, then this is the place to come and spend the day.

Pyrgaki Beach

Pyrgaki Beach - Naxos beaches
Pyrgaki Beach

Slightly further south still is Pyrgaki Beach, located at the end of the road around 20km from Chora. Pyrgaki offers the best of both worlds, being a relatively quiet beach but also having some sunbeds and parasols available. The water is fairly shallow which makes it a good option for families, but there may be some sea urchins about so it’s best to wear sea shoes.

Pyrgaki Beach does also receive some strong southern winds on occasion which makes it popular among windsurfers.


Agiassos Beach - Naxos Beaches
Agiassos Beach

Paralia Agiassos (also spelled Agiasos or Aiyassos) is another large stretch of soft, white sand and shallow waters which allows you to relax far away from the crowds. The beach is unorganized (i.e. no sunbeds or umbrellas) and must be reached by car or moped. There is one taverna located above the beach (Panormitis Cafe Restaurant) and there are a couple of guesthouses/studios nearby.

Moutsouna Beach

Moutsouna Beach - Best beaches in Naxos
Moutsouna Beach

This charming region was once known for being a harbor for the export of emery from the island and visitors can still see the remains of mining towers and cable car systems in place.

Moutsouna Beach is on the east side of Naxos and offers two small stretches of sand along with a collection of tavernas and a handful of guesthouses. Fresh fish is usually the dish of the day here and the tavernas on the seafront are loved by locals and tourists alike.

The beaches are not organised, and don’t offer sunbeds and parasols, and the only way to reach Moutsouna is by car. 

Kleidos Beach

Kleidos Beach - Best beaches in Naxos
Kleidos Beach

Kleidos Beach, located on the southeast of the island, is a small bay situated next to the village of the same name and is a lovely off-the-beaten-track choice for travelers. The quiet beach features crystal-clear water and slightly grey soft sand with low-lying cliffs around. The beach can only be reached by car or moped by following signs from Kanaki or Kleidos village.

Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach - Best Beaches in Naxos
Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach is a long bay located in the far southeast of the island; the sandy shore backed by palms and tamarisk trees. While there are a couple of houses on the hillside rising above the bay, this is one of the quieter beaches on the island and is a wonderful place for a swim. During the summer months, there is sometimes a small refreshment shack serving drinks and snacks but this isn’t always open so to be on the safe side you’ll want to bring your own water etc.

Ligaridia Beach

Ligaridia Beach

Ligaridia beach is another of Naxos’ quaint bays, with a slightly stony shore and stunningly clear water. As there are rocky outcrops around the cove this can be a good spot for snorkeling and spearfishing and the trees at the edge of the beach offer a brief respite from the sun. There are one or two properties near the bay but it is generally an extremely quiet destination. As Ligaridia is not on the local bus route the only way to reach the bay is by car or moped.

Amitis Beach

Amitis Beach  - Naxos Beaches
Amitis Beach

Situated 10km north of Naxos’ main town, Chora, Amitis Beach is a rugged, quiet beach with a natural mix of sand and pebbles. There are no sunbeds and parasols to hire and while there is one bus per day in summer, it is advised that you have your own transportation. There is a small cafe known as Amitis Bay that is usually open during the peak of summer, and a little chapel set off to one side of the bay.

Hilia Vrisi Beach

Hilia Vrisi Beach - Naxos Beaches
Hilia Vrisi Beach

Hilia Vrisi (Chilia Vryssi) Beach is an off-the-beaten-track cove just south of Mikra Bay in the northwest of the island. Located around 20km north of Naxos Town, Hilia Vrisi /Chilia Vryssi is a pretty pebble beach perfect for those who want to be alone, with no facilities or amenities nearby. As the beach is located in the north, it can be affected by strong winds, so is best visited on one of the calmer days.

Abram Beach

Abram Beach  - Naxos
Abram Beach

Abram Beach is located further north still, with a winding road leading through the verdant landscape towards the bay. Only the last 300m or so of the route is a dirt track which makes Abram fairly easy to reach. The beach is a typical, natural Naxian beach with sand and pebbles and a few rocky outcrops and there is a taverna and a couple of studios nearby. The closest main town to Abram is Apollonas (15km away) and Naxos Town is just over 20km south.

Apollonas Beach

Apollonas Beach - Naxos beaches
Apollonas Beach

Apollonas beach is 30 km from Naxos Town and is the most charming beach in the north of the island. It is beautiful, with sand and white pebbles, and it’s secluded, but it is very windy, so it’s not suitable for swimming, especially for children. It’s fairly isolated, so transport by car or bus is required. It’s not organized, but there are a couple of cafes and tavernas nearby.

Naxos has many beautiful beaches, but they each retain their own character. Whether it’s relaxation, engaging in watersports, or finding your own private spot, you won’t have far to go to find what you’re looking for.

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