The 12 Best Santorini Beaches

Santorini is the largest island of the remains of a volcanic caldera and is one of the most romantic places to visit in Greece. Picturesque villages of blue and white buildings, fantastic food, and unique beaches make it one of Greece’s top destinations for holidaymakers. The island’s volcanic past is what gives beaches their unique look with red and black sandy beaches and impressive cliffs of different colors. Let’s take a look at the best beaches in Santorini.

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The Best 12 Beaches to Visit in Santorini

Kamari Beach

Kamari beach - The best Santorini Beaches
Kamari beach

Located 10k from Fira is Kamari beach, easy to reach and popular with tourists for its black sand, blue water, and the impressive peak of Mesa Vouno mountain at one end. It’s family-friendly and organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, and many restaurants, cafes, and bars nearby.

There is also diving and watersports available. Kamari beach is an attractive area with traditional houses behind the beach and it’s good for exploring and enjoying the beautiful views.

Perissa Beach

Perissa - The best Santorini Beaches

Located on the other side of Mesa Vouno, Perissa beach can be easily reached by bus. It’s organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, restaurants, taverns and bars, and watersports and diving are also available.

The beach is pebbly and covered with black sand and the remains of Ancient Thera are not far away in case you want to take a break from sunbathing. There is a footpath across the mountain which can be taken on foot or by donkey. Perissa is a beautiful place to visit, although it can get very crowded during the summer.

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Perivolos Beach

Perivolos Beach -The best Santorini Beaches
Perivolos Beach

Just 3km from Perissa, Perivolos is easily reached by bus or cab. It’s the longest beach on the island, with azure water, a tranquil atmosphere, and partly organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants, and taverns selling delicious fresh fish and local food.

There is plenty to keep you occupied with diving, jet skis, and it’s a good place for windsurfing. The gorgeous countryside surrounding Perivolos is popular with walkers, but the black sandy and pebbly beach is just as inviting if you simply want to relax.

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Red Beach

Red Beach - The best Santorini Beaches
Red Beach

Red beach is 12 km from Fira, so it’s easy to reach. You can also take the boat from Akrotiri which is a great way to get there for views of the spectacular rugged, red cliffs that provide the backdrop to this beautiful, albeit small and potentially crowded, beach on Santorini.

It’s organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and the crystal clear water is perfect for snorkeling. The sand is black and red and the water is hot. The ruins at Akrotiri are a walk away, although the footpath to and from the beach is challenging, the views from the headland are stunning.

Monolithos Beach

Monolithos Beach -The best Santorini Beaches
Monolithos Beach

Monolithos beach is popular with families and it’s easy to reach by bus from Fira. There is plenty to do like beach volleyball, basketball, and football, and there is a playground area for kids. It’s partly organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, and restaurants and cafes close by.

The beach has black sand, and shallow, crystal clear, blue water which is good for swimming. It’s also secluded, with trees to provide some shade, and less crowded than some of the other beaches, which makes it popular for nudist sunbathers.

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Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay - The best Santorini Beaches
Amoudi Bay

The gorgeous Amoudi Bay has no beach, but the sparkling, blue water is fantastic for swimming and snorkeling. Located in Oia, access is by 300 steps that lead down to the bay, but, don’t forget, you’ll have to walk back up at the end of the day. There are donkeys to give you a ride, but, spare a thought for them, as they have been out in the heat all day.

It tends to get very crowded, but there are restaurants on the way which serve delicious Greek food, and you can sit and enjoy the breathtaking views. Many people try cliff jumping, but if that’s not your thing, just watch them from afar, and take joy in the beautiful walk there and the amazing sunset.

Vlychada Beach

Vlychada Beach - The best Santorini Beaches
Vlychada Beach

Vlychada beach is partly organized with sunbeds and umbrellas but arrive early because there aren’t as many as other beaches. It’s only 10 km from Fira, so it’s easy to reach by bus. The sand is black with pebbles and a lovely way to pass some time is to walk to the picturesque port with fishing boats and yachts moored up.

Behind the beach are white cliffs, with magnificent rock formations, eroded by the wind over the years. It’s less crowded, so there is plenty of space to find your own space to spend a few hours and it’s popular with nudists.

Mesa Pigadia Beach

Mesa Pigadia Beach - The best Santorini Beaches
Mesa Pigadia Beach

Mesa Pigadia beach is located in Akrotiri and is surrounded by impressive cliffs. You can get there by boat, from Akrotiri, or if you plan to drive or take a cab, access is along a dirt track. The cliffs protect the beach from the winds, so it’s a great spot for snorkeling or kayaking.

There are sunbeds and umbrellas, and a few restaurants and taverns, and the beach is a combination of sand and pebbles. It’s a charming beach to visit and a tranquil and relaxing place to spend the day.

Kambia Beach

Kambia Beach - best beaches in Santorini

Lying 14 kilometers southwest of Thira, this lovely beach is situated between Red Beach and White Beach. It is stony, but the bonus is its crystal waters. There is a taverna on the beach and a few sunbeds and umbrellas to rent.

Eros Beach

Eros Beach - Beaches in santorini

Situated on the south coast of the island, Eros is lovely and secluded and surrounded by breathtaking cliffs that have been carved by the wind. The beach is pebbly, but the water is clear and there is a trendy beach bar at the far end. This beach is accessible by car along a long dirt track.

Ag Georgios Beach

Ag Georgios Beach in Santorini

This is a popular beach, just three kilometers from Perissa, on the southern tip of the island. There are sunbeds, parasols, and several tavernas but it is the variety of water sports that make it popular. These include Jet skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and paddleboarding.

Karterados Beach

Karterados Beach Santorini

This long, quiet beach is just five kilometers outside Thira. It has the famous black sand and pebbles but the bonus is that the water is lovely and clear. There are a couple of small fish tavernas where you can enjoy a relaxing meal. This beach can be easily reached by bus from Thira.

Santorini has plenty of beaches to choose from, each one stunning in its own right, so whether you’re looking for an active way to spend your time or you simply want to relax and take in the wonderful scenery, you’re in the right place.

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