Things to do in Skopelos, Greece -Mamma Mia Island

Part of the majestic Greek Sporades Islands, Skopelos is one of the most charming, picture-perfect settings that are entirely unspoiled, making it a truly exquisite holiday destination. It is also a fantastic spot for fans of the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia, as the island was used as a filming location, and there are many hotspots that you can visit that have been featured in the film! Here is your ultimate guide for visiting the wonderful island of Skopelos, from things to do, where to eat, and where to stay:

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10 Fun Things to do in Skopelos

Skopelos has no end of natural beauty to explore, and there is so much to see and do on this fantastic island:

1. Explore Skopelos Town

One of the highlights of Skopelos Island is Skopelos Town, which is one of the first points that you will likely see when arriving in the port. Picturesque and filled with gorgeous whitewashed houses, brightly coloured balconies, and charming flower garden, the town perfectly balances its fascinating heritage with a modern flare.

It is well worth spending a good portion of time allowing yourself to get lost in Skopelos Town, and exploring all the wonderful hidden gems.

2. Check out Agios Ioannis Church

Agios Ioannis Church - Things to do in Skopelos
Agios Ioannis Church

Carved into a jagged rock and towering above the sea below, Agios Ioannis Church is absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Agios Ioannis Church Skopelos
View from Agios Ioannis Church

Though there is no record of when it was first built, there is still a real sense of mystery and intrigue regarding its heritage. Agios Ioannis Church is also a great spot to visit for fans of Mamma Mia, as it is the filming location of Sophie’s wedding!

3. Explore the many beaches

Stafylos Beach - Things to do in Skopelos
Stafylos Beach

Skopelos is home to many incredible beaches, and it is truly worth spending some time beach-hopping and relaxing, taking in the gorgeous surrounding views. One of the most famous beaches on Skopelos Island is Kastani Beach, which is renowned for its use as a filming location in the film, Mamma Mia.

Armenopetra Beach Things to do in Skopelos
Armenopetra Beach

The nearby Stafylos Beach is also well worth checking out; with crystal-clear waters and white sandy shores, it is truly heavenly.

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4. Check out the Sendoukia Carved Graves

Sendoukia Carved Graves = Things to do in Skopelos
Sendoukia Carved Graves

Another highlight of Skopelos Island is the Sendoukia Carved Graves. It is possible to hike to these graves, and they are situated near the crest of Mount Kyra. Essentially, these graves are enormous sheets of rock that date back to either the Ancient Roman or early-Christian times. The views from the graves are also spectacular, and you can see the island of Alonissos.

5. Hike to the Gourouni Lighthouse

Gourouni Lighthouse - Things to do in Skopelos
Gourouni Lighthouse

Not many hikers or tourists actually know about the Gourouni Lighthouse, which makes it a very special place. It is a long hike away and across a long dirt road, but once you reach it, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this picturesque spot. There are magnificent views of the Aegean, and it is particularly beautiful at sunset.

6. Check out the many monasteries and churches on the Island

Skopelos Island is brimming with an array of historical and gorgeous monasteries and churches. With over 360 in total, which considering the size of the island, is an enormous total, and you can spend weeks exploring each one thoroughly.

It is highly recommended to spend some time exploring these historic monasteries and churches, but just remember, that for many of them, you will need to cover your shoulders and legs.

7. Explore the town of Glossa

Glossa Village - What to do in Skopelos
Glossa Village

Renowned for being the second-largest settlement on the island of Skopelos, but only with around 1,000 inhabitants, Glossa is a gorgeous town. Make sure to check out the old part of Glossa, which is closed for cars, and feels like stepping back in time.

Glossa Skopelos

There is so much history to explore in Glossa, and it is so picturesque, with its gorgeous wooden balconies and painted window covers.

8. Try the famous Skopelos Pie

What you may not know about Skopelos Island is that it is renowned for its traditional pies. Head to Michalis Pies to sample some quintessential island cuisine; established in 1991, the pie shop has maintained its traditional values and quality, and its delicious pie recipes have evolved over time, but remain delicious. The Skopelos cheese pie is the best pie to sample; it is twisted and is shaped like a snail!   

9. Make a Mamma Mia tour by boat

Skopelos is a hotspot for fans of the hit Hollywood movie Mamma Mia, and what better way to experience the wonderful island than embarking on a Mamma Mia boat tour? With regular tours and excursions leaving from the island, and stopping off at many of the island filming locations, these tours are absolutely brilliant, and many of the boats even play Mamma Mia music whilst showing you the hotspots!

10. Take a boat trip to the nearby Alonissos Island and the Marine Sea Park

Another wonderful thing to do on Skopelos Island is to take a boat trip to the nearby Alonissos Island and the Marine Sea Park. There are lots of different boat options available for your day trip to the Marine Park. The Marine Sea Park is famous for being the first marine park established in Greece, and it remains a fantastic place to visit, for all types of visitors. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it is home to countless Monachus monachus seals, and some amazing dolphins, making it the perfect day-out for families, although a sighting of a seal is rarre.

Where to Eat in Skopelos – Best Restaurants

If you thought that Skopelos Island couldn’t get any better, the food is exquisite. Offering so many local delicacies and traditional restaurants, Skopelos is a haven for foodies. Here are some off the best places to check out:

Korali Restaurant for Seafood

With Skopelos being an island, its speciality cuisine is seafood, and at Korali Restaurant, foodies can discover an array of delicious fish dishes. Owned by Maria and Dimitris Pantou and nestled in the picturesque Agnontas Bay, this tavern is totally unique and special. With tables situated on the water, this truly is a fantastic place to sample some delicious fresh fish that is locally sourced. The service and setting are absolutely unbeatable, and you will find yourself dreaming of this restaurant long after you leave.

Mihalis at Chora for pies

Another delicious delicacy that is synonymous to Skopelos Island, are the wonderful pies, and there is arguably no better place to visit than Mihalis in Chora. With a string of different varieties, flavours and ingredients, the pies at Michalis are to die for; whether you are craving something sweet or savoury, there is something for everyone here at this traditional and marvellous eatery. Nestled upon the cobbled alleys of Skopelos Town, Michalis is a brilliant spot for lunch, a light dinner, or even just a snack!

Paparinthos in Skopelos town

If you consider yourself a bit of a meat connoisseur, you definitely have to visit Paparinthos restaurant in Skopelos Town. This hidden gem of a restaurant is a traditional tavern that is nestled away in a gorgeous flowery garden and serves up some of the most delicious and juicy meats around. Exuding a warm and friendly atmosphere, paired with the unbeatable flavours and textures of the cuisine, this truly is a wonderful spot for foodies.

Kyratso’s Kitchen in Skopelos town

With home cooked meals lovingly served up by the mother of the owner, Kyratso’s Kitchen in Skopelos town is one of the warmest and friendliest restaurants on the island, and the food is absolutely exquisite. A great place to sample traditional homemade dishes, including the wonderful mageirefta, Kyratso’s Kitchen is a must-visit eatery for food lovers. There are so many specialities on the menu, and the harbour views are location are to die for.

Agnanti in Glossa

For a truly fine dining experience in a spectacular setting, don’t miss Agnanti in Glossa. Offering guests a truly unbeatable culinary experience with intense flavours and fresh ingredients, these home-made and traditional local dishes have been passed down across several generations, and are just as good as they were decades ago. As well as delicious cuisine, the service here is top-notch, and the gorgeous views are jaw-droppingly impressive. For a truly memorable experience or a romantic dinner, Agnanti is one of the best options in Skopelos.  

Manolis Taverna in Neo Klima

For a traditional Skopelos Tavern that focuses primarily on delivering exquisite cuisine and excellent service, Manolis Taverna in Neo Klima is one of the best options. It is a family-owned taverna with over 30 years’ experience in serving delicious food and an unbeatable atmosphere. This is a wonderful place to head to for dinner if you are a seafood fanatic, and enjoy the freshest of fresh ingredients, strong and intense flavours, and traditional dishes. The views are also spectacular, and it is a fantastic spot to head to particularly at sunset.

Have a cocktail with unbeatable views of Skopelos town at the Vrachos

I think everyone can agree that having a delicious cocktail alongside ocean views is one of the best ways to spend a summer’s evening, and in Skopelos, there is no better place to visit for this, than at Skopelos Café/Vrachos Bar. Having been in operation since 1922, this place really knows its stuff, and the drinks here are absolutely to die for. Alongside the wonderful selection of cocktails, there are some gorgeous views of Skopelos town and the surrounding landscape, exceptional service, and an incredible, vibrant, and buzzing atmosphere.

Baramares Café

For something sweet, there is no better place to visit on Skopelos Island than the magnificent Baramares Café, where you can indulge your sweet tooth in the wonderful menu that consists primarily of waffles, crepes and ice cream. This classic cafeteria is popular with both locals and visitors alike, and has been operating successfully for a number of years, right in the heart of Skopelos port. Whether you head here for your morning coffee, or are craving a sweet treat after an evening meal, Baramares Café will always be on hand to serve whatever cravings you may have!

Kochili Bakery

Another fantastic breakfast spot in Skopelos is without a doubt, Kochilis Bakery. As soon as you reach green Skopelos Island, you will be met with this brilliant bakery, and there are so many sweet and savoury treats to discover. With everything from bread, pastries, sandwiches, deserts and ice creams, Kochilis really has it all, and this spectacular family-run business is wonderful at all times of the day. Offering visitors a cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere, it is a wonderful place to visit for tourists, and there is a fantastic mix of locals and visitors alike.

Where to Stay in Skopelos

Skopelos is a very popular island with visitors, so there are lots of accommodation options to suit every budget. Here are some of the top places to stay on the island:

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Pansion Prodromina: Situated in a gorgeous garden with on-site BBQ facilities, the wonderful Pansion Prodromina is a fantastic spot that is located just 350 yards from the main Skopelos Port. Offering guests both garden and mountain views, this accommodation option is wonderfully furnished and is very well equipped, making your stay on Skopelos Island absolutely perfect. This is a brilliant option both for families, and couples seeking a romantic getaway! Another plus is that it is pet friendly.

Aperanto Galazio: Nestled upon a hill, Aperanto Galazio offers guests fantastic and traditionally furnished rooms that each have magnificent panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Each room has a furnished balcony or a shared terrace, and there is also a wonderful bar that offers scenic views of Skopelos town.

Featuring wood furnishings and gorgeous stone-paved floors, as well as all of the amenities and facilities that you could possibly need to make your stay in Skopelos as comfortable as possible, Aperanto Galazio is a great place to stay when exploring the island.

Skopelos is an unforgettable destination, and truly an idyllic spot to relax and unwind. With an abundance of exciting things to do, see and explore, Skopelos is one of Greece’s most highly sought after and utterly magical holiday hotspots.

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