Top 5 Athens Wine Bars

If you want to taste the real Greece, the best way to do is by going to one of the many wine bars open in the centre of Athens. There you will have the chance not only to drink locally produced wine but also eat some of the best Greek varieties of cheese and ham.

Going to wine bars is one of my favorite nights out so I have prepared for you a list of the best Athens wine bars.

  •  Oinoscent
photo courtesy of Oinoscent

A very friendly wine bar and shop close to Syntagma square offering both Greek and from around the world varieties of wine. A big part of their wine list changes every week. The people working there are ready to answer to all your questions and propose which wine you should taste. For someone new to Greek wines they would suggest you should try Asyrtiko from Santorini or Xinomavro from Naousa. Along with the wines you can taste a variety of local cheese and ham and some hot dishes.

You will find them at Voulis 44

  • Kiki de Grèce
photo courtesy of Kiki de Grece

A wine bistro located in the centre of Athens near Syntagma square. There you will find a variety of Greek wines, 30 of them are served in a glass. You can accompany your wine with delicacies all made with local Greek products from around the country. As of what they would suggest for you to try Malgouzia or Asyrtiko if you prefer white wine and Xinomavro or Mavrotragano if you prefer red.

You will find them at Voulis 38 & Ipitou street

  • By the glass
photo courtesy of By the glass

An atmospheric wine bar just off Filellinon street and opposite the Russian church offers 60 etiquettes of wine mostly Greek but also international, all served by the glass. The catalogue changes every 20 days. Also they are equipped with a state of the art wine machine that can serve all the 150 labels in a glass. The wines they suggest is Asyrtiko from Santorini from the whites and Xinomavro or Mavrotragano from the reds. A variety of cheeses and hams along with other dishes can be combined with your wine.

You will find them at Souri 3 & Filellinon Street

  • Fabrica de vino
photo courtesy of Fabrica de Vino

Located in the centre of Athens in a beautiful restored building, offers 600 etiquettes of Greek wine, 140 of them served in a glass. For someone tasting Greek wine for the first time they would suggest a wine from a small producer they would personally know. Along with your wine you can taste a variety of tapas (mezedes) and Greek cheeses.

You will find them at Mpenaki 3

  • Wine Point
photo courtesy of Wine Point

Situated near the Acropolis museum, this wine bar offers exclusively Greek wine. With more than 270 etiquettes from around Greece the knowable staff will help you decide which wine to try. Along with the wine they offer hot dishes and a variety of Greek cheese and ham. You can also buy a bottle of wine to take home with you.

You will find them at Porinou 2

Have you ever tried Greek wine? Did you like it?

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  1. Fingers crossed I’ll be in Athens in 2022, and I’m always interested in trying out new wines and drinks wherever I go. I’ve noted the ones you’ve mentioned, and of course, I’ll be doing double-checking since things keep changing. But I’m looking forward to checking out at least one! Thanks for the recommendations.


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