Top Flea Markets In Athens Greece

In the heart of buzzing Athens there are a lot of open markets selling anything from food and spices to vintage clothing, antiques and souvenirs. Even if you don’t want to shop a walk into the flea market is a great way to get the real vibe of Athens.

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Here is a list of the top flea markets in the centre of Athens:

The best Flea Markets in Athens

Monastiraki Flea Market

Monastiraki flea market starts next to Monastiraki metro station. It’s not an actual flea market but a collection of small shops. Here you can buy almost everything from clothing, jewellery, cheap souvenirs like T-shirts, toy evzone soldiers, marble Greek statues, postcards and quality souvenirs like backgammon sets, Byzantine Icons, traditional Greek products, musical instruments and leather goods. In Monastiraki flea market you will find almost everything. Near the flea market there  are a lot of cafes where you can stop for a refreshment and watch the people passing by. Early in the morning and late at night when the shops are closed, all the shop fronts are covered with street art, which is totally worth checking out.

Platia Avissinias – Square Market

Every Sunday at Avissynias square just off Ifaistou street, the central street of Monastiraki flea market, there is a bazaar. There are vendors selling antiques from furniture, to old books and records to anything you can imagine. Some have no value at all but you can also find a lot of bargains. There are some cozy cafe at the square and Avissynias restaurant with live greek music and traditional food where you can have a bite and watch all the action at the square.

Central Market in Athens (Varvakeios)

The central market in Athens also known as Varvakeios is located in Athina street close to Monastiraki metro station. At the market you will see the producers selling in their stalls anything from meat, fresh fish, cheese and fresh fruits and vegetables. A lot of restaurant owners and residents of Athens come every day to the market to shop. The prices at Varvakeios market are lower and it’s a great place to save money. The market is open Monday through  Saturday from early in the morning until late afternoon.

Evripidou Street Market

Evripidou street is a vertical road to Athinas street between Monastiraki and Omonoia metro station. The street is famous for the  shops selling all kinds of spices and herbs. A perfect place to buy a taste of Greece to take home with you. Around Evripidou street and Athinas street apart from the central market you will find a lot of shops selling traditional Greek products and nuts. Here is actually the culinary centre of Athens.

The Athens Culinary tour will take you throught the markets of Kotzia Square, Avyssinias Square, Monastiraki Square, Athena’s Road and you will have the opportunity to taste traditional Greek products like feta, olives, koulouri, ouzo, wine etc

Visit the Flea Markets of Athens with a Culinary Tour – Book Now

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