Picturesque Villages and Towns in Kefalonia

Cosmopolitan Kefalonia is among the most visited Ionian Islands, and a jewel to explore. Apart from lovely beaches, pristine waters, virgin landscapes, and natural beauty, Kefalonia has many picturesque villages and towns to visit and get to know everything about their rich history, culture, and distinct architecture.

From Fiscardo to Poros, Assos, and more, the Venetian influence and the clash of it with Greek architecture create a unique contrast that remains unforgettable.

9 Beautiful Villages and Towns to See in Kefalonia


Sami Kefalonia

Among the most beautiful towns in Kefalonia is Sami, build on the coast with the second largest port on the island after Argostoli. Just 25 km outside of the capital, the town offers everything, from cosmopolitan air to chic boutiques and daily boat trips to and from Patra, Ithaca, and Italy as well.

Sami village in Kefalonia

In Sami you can find Ancient Sami, one of the most important ancient civilizations remains on the island. You can marvel at Agrilla Monastery and its imposing views or head towards one of the caves, like Dragati and Melissani.

During summer, the municipality organizes many cultural events such as concerts, theatre performances, and other festivities.

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Agia Effimia

Agia Effimia Kefalonia

East of the island, also built on the coast, is a stunning village of Kefalonia with quaint dwellings, seaside taverns, and a small fishing port. Thanks to the paved alleys and traditional elements in its architecture, it attracts many visitors.

Nearby, you will find great beaches to dive into or the opportunity for a daily boat excursion to pristine and virgin inaccessible spots.

Agia Effimia village in Kefalonia

High on the hills behind the coastal village, there are various remains of old fortresses from the Venetian period of occupation. For sightseeing, head to the Monastery of Themata.


Assos, Kefalonia - beautiful Greek Villages
Assos, Kefalonia

North of Argostoli, you will find another charming village of Kefalonia, named Assos. Built on the coast by the seaside, this small village also has a 16th-century Venetian castle, the Castle of Assos which only adds to the charm.

view fom Assos Castle
view from Assos Castle

The village is beautiful and quaint, with stone-paved alleys, yellow, pink pastel-colored houses, and colorful flowers decorating each corner. In Assos, enjoy the beautiful scenery, eat at a local tavern, or go wine-tasting in wine bars.

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Fiscardo - Famous villages in Kefalonia

Fiscardo is the most famous and cosmopolitan village of Kefalonia, after the capital, Argostoli. It is visited by many travelers and locals alike, and it also has many private yachts and boats anchored at its beautiful port.

Fiskardo Kefalonia

It is one of the few villages that was left untouched after the catastrophic earthquake of 1953 that rummaged the island. Henceforth, it has been claimed as a site worth preserving and is set under protection.


In Fiscardo, you can marvel at the beautiful old mansions by the seaside, eat delicacies at local taverns, or learn more of its history at the Nautical Museum. Nearby, you can find Paleolithic findings of a settlement and many old Byzantine Churches. The village overlooks the beautiful island of Ithaca.

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Lixouri Kefalonia

You can never get bored in Lixouri, the biggest village in Kefalonia with its rich history in music. There is an Archaeological Museum, as well as many churches with impressive frescoes to appreciate. In addition, you can always visit the famous Monastery of Kipoureon.

Lixouri village in Kefalonia

You can stroll around Lixouri and discover the beauty of its rare and few (due to the earthquake) Neoclassical buildings and quaint cafes around Plateia Petritsi. For swimming, you can head to stunning Petani beach, or Lepeda, Mega Lakkos, and Xi beaches.


Argostoli Kefalonia villages

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia, built around lush green forested hills with imposing views. The city has just below 15.000 inhabitants, and it has a lot to offer.

To get a grasp of the cosmopolitan but picturesque Argostoli, head to Plateia Valianos in the center to drink a coffee or eat at the various restaurants. Stroll along Lithostroto Street and find chic boutiques to get unique souvenirs, or simply marvel at the Church of Agios Spyridon or the Clock Tower of Campana Square.

Argostoli Kefalonia

Remains of the glorious past can be seen in the stone Drapano Bridge, as well as strolling through the alleyways. To learn more about the past, visit the Archaeological Museum of Kefalonia, featuring exhibits from the Mycenaean and Hellenistic periods, among others. There is also a Folkore Museum with traditional artifacts of local life.


Poros Kefalonia Villages

Poros is yet another picturesque village of Kefalonia, also built by the seaside, nestled between the lush Mediterranean forests of mountain Atros.

The village has a port with boats arriving from various ports including the port of Kyllini. Poros is mostly known for the beautiful bay, split into two beaches, an organized and an unorganized one. You will find many options to eat in seaside restaurants or local taverns, with fresh fish and local delicacies.

Poros, Kefalonia
Poros, Kefalonia

Surrounding the village, you’ll find green scenery, deep canyons, springs, and running waters. What’s worth visiting is the Monastery of Panagia Atros, near the mountaintop.


Skala Kefalonia

Skala is a village in Kefalonia located just 12 km from Poros. It is a newly-built resort/settlement that is dedicated to tourists from abroad and from the inland.

Built among a lush pine forest with crystalline waters at its long beach, Skala offers anything one could ever need while on holiday. From luxurious hotels, cafes, bars, and restaurants, to an organized bat with sunbeds and umbrellas, Skala offers luxury and convenience. There is also a water sports center for more active types.

Kato Katelios

Kato Katelios Kefalonia

Also built among lush hills, in a quiet area filled with pines and vegetation, is the fishing village of Kato Katelios. In front of it lies a stunning, long, sandy beach with facilities such as beach bars, sunbeds, and parasols to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

Perfect for families and couples, the bay also offers the option of a quieter spot, by crossing a little river on foot and finding a remote beach, ideal for snorkeling.

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