Best Villages in Milos

Milos, a jewel of the Aegean Sea has again been awarded the title of Top Island in the World / Top Island in Europe for 2021, according to the magazine “Travel + Leisure.”

With volcanic landscapes- or better yet moonscapes- and emerald green waters amidst the hidden sea caves, it is only natural that the travelers gave outstanding reviews. What’s less known of Milos, however, is the beauty of the best villages in Milos, whose architecture and distinct character are utterly unique.

Here’s a list of the most stunning villages in Milos to visit:

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7 Beautiful Villages to Visit in Milos


Where to stay in Milos - Adamas
Traditional fishing village Adamas

Adamas is the first in the list of best villages in Milos, and it is also the main port of the island. Built on the seaside around the port, you will find many white-washed traditional Cycladic dwellings. The port is built in a naturally protected harbor of extreme significance since ancient years.

In Adamas, your options are endless. If you’re interested in history and culture, go on a tour of the museums there. You can find the Mineral, Naval, and Ecclesiastical Museum in Adamas, as well as a Bomb Shelter built for WWII with an Art Gallery. If you want to marvel at the architecture of the island, visit the Church of Agia Triada and Agios Charalampos.

Where to stay in Milos - Adamas
Adamas village

To get panoramic views of Adamas, it’s simple; all you have to do is hike a bit, around the port or up in the hills past Lagada beach and the Lighthouse. Built on the hill, the village offers natural views and stunning landscapes. Find a restaurant and enjoy a meal with a view, or simply stroll around and enjoy yourself.

In Adamas, you will find available boat tours for daily trips to Antimilos Islet, to the Kleftiko and Pirate Sea Cave, and more!


Another quiet but picturesque village in Milos is Pollonia. Being a fishing village built close to the seaside, it is the perfect family destination for fresh fish and culinary experiences.

Stroll along the pier and enjoy the views of the open Aegean Sea. If you’re into church sight-seeing, walk all the way to the Church of Agia Paraskevi on the one side, and the Church of Saint Nicolas with the amazing views on the other.

Pollonia beach

Pollonia also has a long sandy beach with natural shade and is also organized with sunbeds and umbrellas; ideal for families and couples or a day of relaxation. You will find countless options to eat and drink along the beach. Grab the chance and go wine-tasting in the evenings!

If you’re into diving or want to learn how to dive, you can find a diving club in Pollonia and have an unforgettable adventure underneath the sea surface. While in Pollonia, don’t miss the so-called Throne of the Poseidon, a peculiarly-shaped rock formation facing the open sea!


churches in Plaka Milos

Plaka is another quaint village in Milos, and yet it is the capital of the island. However, it retains its Cycladic beauty and is considered highly touristic, thanks to white-washed houses, steep cliffs, and traditional architecture in each alley.

While in Plaka, head to the most photographed site, the Church of Panagia Thalassitra on your way as you ascend towards the Kastro Hill. There, you can enjoy the breathtaking views over Antimilos islet and its distinctive Vani promontory, looming over the endless blue. To watch an amazing sunset that resembles that of Santorini, head to square “Marmara” in front of the Church of Panagia Korfiotissa.

plaka - best villages in Milos

If you want to dive into the history of Milos, visit the Archaeological and Folklore Museums. If, instead, you’re into shopping, in Plaka you will find the most unique souvenirs at chic little shops scattered about in the intricate alley labyrinth.


Tripiti Village Milos

Like Plaka, Tripiti village is also built around a hilltop with steep cliffs and amazing panoramic views. It’s named after its peculiar ground, composed of soft volcanic rock which looks like many holes.

Its beauty is distinctive, especially during the times when the hill is relatively green. The picturesque white-washed dwellings contrast with the endless blue, as the famous Windmills of Tripiti stand out in the highest parts of the village.

Milos Catacombs
Milos Catacombs

Another outstanding site is the Chuch of Agios Nikolaos, soaring imposingly high above all other dwellings. There, the locals have a celebration every August 31st, the so-called “End of Summer,” which is impressive for travelers and locals alike.

What’s even more impressive, are the lesser-known Roman Catacombs of Milos, located just outside the village. Built inside volcanic rocks above sea level, these intricate catacombs were built around the 1st century A.C. The arch-caved hallways are locally called ‘arkosolia’.


Mandrakia Milos

Mandrakia is another jewel on the list of the best villages in Milos, although often overlooked. Even if it’s small, it is a very beautiful fishing village, in close proximity to arguably the best beach in Milos, Sarakiniko.

Syrmata in Mandrakia Milos

Its little bay has a small port, enveloped by many colorful houses which are picture-worthy! You will find traditional taverns to eat lavishly and try out local delicacies.

To make the most of your day, grab a bathing suit and head either to Sarakiniko only or for beach hopping to Tourkothalassa beach as well. It’s a remote beach among cliffs and rocky shores.


Milos - Best islands to visit in Greece
Klima village in Milos

At the very entrance of the Bay of Milos lies a small settlement known as Klima village. Known from the card postals and countless photographs, the fishing village is an attraction with no comparison.

Colorful houses with different hues mark the seaside, marking a tradition from the past. Back then families painted their doors and terraces in different colors to distinguish the house from others so that when their father returned from fishing trips, he could easily spot it and moor in front of it! In Klima, you can eat in such buildings right next to the sea, where the waves crash.

Klima, Milos

Above the harbor of Klima, close to Tripiti Village, you will find the stunning Ancient Theatre of Milos, built around the Hellenistic period. Locals even arrange cultural events at the theatre, especially during high season, so ask around!


Firopotamos Milos

Last but not least on the list of the best villages to visit in Milos is Firopotamos. It is another fishing village with a small port and some boats lying around.

The port, however, has crystal-clear and mirror-like waters, which look like an actual swimming pool. That’s why Firopotamos beach is among the most visited in Milos. There are trees for natural shade along the beach, and the small bay is also protected from the winds.

The ’Syrmata’ of Firopotamos

The bay’s highlight is undeniably the white Church. Along the way, you have to stroll past many fisherman houses, called ‘sirmata’ or ‘wires’ in English.

The village is mostly quiet, but the beach is only about 100-meters-long, thus it can get very crowded during the high season!

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