The Best Waterfalls in Greece

Although Greece is known for its wonderful islands and lengthy coastline, its beauty expands to breathtaking mountain-scapes as well. The must-visit destinations of the Greek landscape for nature enthusiasts are the numerous waterfalls throughout the country, surrounded by wild, untouched nature. Most of them are situated on the mainland, and yet, quite a few can be found on some islands Here are some of the best waterfalls in Greece to visit.

16 Waterfalls to Visit in Greece

Edessa Waterfalls, Macedonia

edessa waterfalls in Greece
Edessa Waterfalls

Approximately two hours away from Thessaloniki, the stunning waterfalls of Edessa have been accessible only since the 1940s. The steep cliffs surrounding the heavenly spot made access impossible back in the day, but now you can approach it by steps.

One of these waterfalls, known as Karanos Waterfall is the biggest in Greece and up to 70 meters high. There are also the twin Lamda waterfalls nearby, also accessible by walking down some stairs.

The park around the waterfalls is beautiful, with lush vegetation and benches to enjoy the view. Don’t miss the tour of the cave behind the waterfall, which costs only 1 Euro. There are also cafés and restaurants to marvel at the wonderful scenery and breathe in some fresh air while enjoying your beverage or meal.

You can also visit the Open-Air Water Museum with the Aquarium in the vicinity.

Neda Waterfalls, Peloponnese

Neda Waterfalls, Peloponnese - best waterfalls in Greece
Neda Waterfalls

The famous waterfalls of Neda, in Kyparissia of Peloponnese, take their name from the only female river in Greece, named Neda. It is located in a canyon, of extreme natural beauty and interest for the nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, willing to enjoy nature and combine it with some action; hiking or even swimming in the fresh waters of the river.

There are various paths to follow nearby, including easier paths for pleasant walking and some off-the-grid paths for more experienced and adventurous visitors.

You can also hike to the Temple of Epicurean Apollo Bassae, a monument of imposing Doric style and great historical value nearby.

Bathing is surely rewarding at the turquoise crystal-clear waters of the pool near the waterfalls after a long hike.

Polilimnio Waterfalls, Peloponnese

Polilimnio Waterfalls - Greek Waterfalls
Polilimnio Waterfalls

Less known but also in Messinia of Peloponnese, these waterfalls can be found at the Polilimnio Gorge. The city of Kalamata is 31 km and 40 minutes away. The name of this location translates to “many lakes”, because of the many hidden lakes and small pools around the waterfalls.

Perfect for hiking around to explore more, the region offers countless possibilities to relax, bathe in blue waters surrounded by cliffs and greenery.

Hiking paths usually start from the village of Charavgi nearby and can last up to 4 hours depending on how much you wish to explore.

Richtis Waterfall, Crete

Richtis Waterfall - Waterfalls in Greece
Richtis Waterfall

Situated at Lasithi, between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia of Crete, Richtis Gorge is a wonderful destination. The small river ends up to a wonderful pebbly beach of Richtis, with a small river along the path and of course, the magnificent waterfalls of almost 15 meters.

The path to cross the gorge lasts up to 4 hours, and it usually begins from the historical traditional bridge of Lachanas, made of stone in the 19th century, which carries old tales on its arch. The path is relatively easy, although steep at times, so climbing and hiking are the main activities it offers.

The vegetation is rich, and the waterfalls have water even during summertime, which makes them ideal for a little swimming to catch a breath after the long hike. Along the way, you will also spot some old watermills of traditional beauty.

Tip: Consider bringing a pair of trainers or even hiking shoes with firm grips along with your flip-flops, because the itinerary has slippery parts.

Nydri Waterfalls, Lefkada

Nydri Waterfalls in Lefkada Greece
Nydri Waterfalls

Lefkada’s surreal beauty of infinite azure Ionian waters is combined with wild mountainous landscapes with green and lively vegetation even on the hottest of days. In the region of Nydri, you can find a Gorge that leads to the cascading waterfalls of Nydri amidst the mountains, whose endless waters end up on the beaches of Lefkada.

The waterfalls are accessible at approximately 350 meters and a maximum of 20 minutes away, with parking spots available and a canteen for refreshments and snacks.

There you will find many crystal-clear water lakes and poodles to steam off after a long summer day, with a view of the wonderful canyon and hanging pine trees providing a thick shade as protection.

A scenery worth experiencing and photographing!

Souda Waterfalls, Tzoumerka

Souda Waterfalls - Greece waterfalls
Souda Waterfalls

In the enchanting mountains of Tzoumerka, you will find a twin waterfall, which is a part of  Peristeri & Arahthos National Park in Epirus of Greece. Near the village of Theodoriana, you can explore the rugged mountain terrain with its ever-flowing freshwater, dense forest of fir trees, and untouched nature.

There are two ways to approach the twin waterfalls, you can either walk from the village Theodoriana, which stands at a thousand meters of altitude. The route will take a little over half an hour. Otherwise, you can drive further and get closer to the waterfalls via a dirt road. From there, you will then have to follow a 10-minutes-path.

Theodoriana waterfalls

If you choose to hike the distance from the village of Theodoriana, you will have the chance to pass by the Theodoriana waterfall, a smaller fall just outside the village. Along the way, depending on the season, you can find as many as 25 waterfalls and smaller water springs until you reach the Souda Waterfalls, which are the most imposing at 25 meters in height.

Orlias Forest Waterfalls, Mount Olympus

Orlias forest waterfalls in Greece
Orlias forest waterfalls in Greece

In the region of Litochoro, at the northeastern part of the highest Greek mountain of the Ancient Gods, there is a gorge with 2 km of length and more than 20 small or bigger waterfalls to enjoy, the highlight of which, arguably, is Red Rock Waterfall with the poodle to dive into.

You can choose from various trails to follow near the foothills of the mountain, yet the path towards the waterfalls takes up to 5 minutes and there’s great access by road, thus making it safe and perfect for families as well.

Tip: The most picturesque season to visit this place is early autumn when the leaves turn red.

Fraktos Waterfall, Rhodope Mountain Range

Fraktos Waterfal on Greece
Fraktos Waterfall

Fraktos waterfall is in the region of Paranesti Dramas. It is part of the Virgin forest and Wildlife Sanctuary of Rhodope named as a “Preservable Monument of Nature”, situated at the highest peak at 1.953m, and protected from human activity since 1980.

In the heart of this forest, you will find a wonderful waterfall with freezing waters, around flower beds, and the refreshing sound of water. There will be Hiking along valleys to reach the mountain, but it is surely worth the adventure.

A place of extreme ecological value and untouched nature to marvel at.

Lepida Waterfall, Akrata

Lepida Waterfall in Greece
Lepida Waterfall

Lepida Waterfalls in Akrata of Arcadia is an oasis among an untamed and raw mountainous area.

Although the region doesn’t feature lush vegetation, near the banks and the waterfall, almost 100 species of flora and fauna can be found. It is a location perfect for nature enthusiasts and adventurers.

Hiking paths to Lepida falls mainly start from Platanos or Agios Ioannis village and can last up to 4 hours. Alternatively, you can approach it via dirt road and walk about 60 mins to find the waterfalls.

Tip: The waterfall is best not visited during summer, as there might be no water.

Gria Vathra, Samothraki

Gria Vathra waterfall - best waterfalls in Greece
Gria Vathra waterfall

In the mystical of Samothraki, you will find the second highest mountain peak on an island, named Selene. The mountainous area of the untouched northern island features freezing perfectly-shaped poodles of water called “vathres”, which are your private natural pools when you visit them.

Just outside the village of Therma and only 2 km away, you will find “Gria Vathra”, a relatively big pool of water with beautiful surrounding nature and dragonflies. You can either walk the distance or take the car and park just 5 minutes before the first “vathra”.

If you wish to continue, it is not an easy trek up the mountain Selene, so you need appropriate shoes, water, and a desire for an off-grid adventure, with rocky paths along the way, with steep parts as well to reach the second “vathra” which is most beautiful.

Tip: Not necessarily perfect for families, as bathers usually skinny-dip.

Palaiokarya Artificial Waterfall, Trikala

Palaiokarya Artificial Waterfall in Greece
Palaiokarya Artificial Waterfall

You will find the artificial waterfalls under the most picturesque bridge in Trikala of Thessaly. The bridge was built in the 16th century and was used to connect Thessaly with Epirus back in the day.

The man-made 12-meters-high waterfalls behind the bridge create an amazing effect, decorating the river Palaiokaritis which eventually ends up in the canyon of Palaiokarya. You can also see an active watermill nearby.

The beautiful nature and green trees during springtime and the free space it offers, make it ideal for picnics or family day excursions.

Drimonas Waterfall, Evoia

Drimonas Waterfall Greece
Drimonas Waterfall

Located in North Evia and at an altitude of at least 600m, you can spot the waterfall Drimonas. This waterfall originating from the river Sipias is 15 meters in height, and it splashes into a shallow lake of emerald waters.

To reach it, you can follow the well-kept path from the monastery of St. David, which is only 4 km away. Along the way, you will enjoy the view of fir trees and the river, in an environment of great ecological value and stunning natural surroundings.

There is a wooden kiosk to relax and catch a snack after the hike, and there are also amenities nearby, with a traditional tavern to eat at the top of the creek.

Nemouta Waterfall, Peloponnese

Nemouta Waterfall Greece
Nemouta Waterfall

Just outside Nemouta village situated in Ilia, bordering with Achaia and Arcadia, there is a secret treasure as an alternative to the many beaches of Peloponnese. According to local legends, Nemouta Waterfall is the place of the fairies. It is now an area protected by Natura 2000.

Situated at an altitude of 560m on the Erymanthos River, this magical waterfall attracts visitors for climbing and hiking, but families eager to explore nature as well.

Access is easy via a 3 km dirt road and leads you to the bridge of Erymanthos river, where you follow the path along the bank.

For hiking enthusiasts, there is a mythical path of 12 km named M3, which follows the itinerary that the ancient hero Hercules took according to legend. This starts at the nearby village of Foloi.

Panta Vrexei – Evrytania

Panta Vrexei waterfalls Greece
Panta Vrexei

Almost 30 km outside traditional Karpenisi is the canyon of Panta Vrexei, a place of immeasurable beauty. The waterfalls’ name translates to “constant rain” as the volume of the water falling makes it look like it is springling rain.

The road is a bad dirt road, dangerous for regular cars, so if you don’t own a 4×4, consider the option of local guides. After that, to reach it, it will take walking for about 45 minutes in the gorge, crossing the Krikelopotamos river surrounded by wild nature all around to reach the majestic falls at the end.

Along the way, you can marvel at stone-arched bridges and breathtaking views.

Tip: Avoid visiting on rainy days. It may be dangerous.

Agia Varvara Waterfall, Halkidiki

Agia Varvara Waterfall Halkidiki Greece
Agia Varvara Waterfall

In the area of Kipouristra – Neropriono of Halkidiki, there are the waterfalls of Agia Varvara. The river Mavrolaka is the natural border between Olympiada and Varvara. Just 8 km outside Olympiada Village, you can find the waterfalls.

There are two waterfalls, the first one being smaller but still visible from the top of the creek, while the roar from the second one can be heard even on the hot summer days. It will take you a maximum of 10 minutes to discover it. Both waterfalls have wooden bridges that act as decks for you to enjoy the view.

Skra Waterfall, Kilkis

Skra Waterfall in Greece
Skra Waterfall

In Kilkis, near the Skra museum, there are hidden waterfalls of fresh water, perfect for short excursions for families and nature lovers. The waterfall springles over a green moss natural carpet, and there is a small turquoise lagoon where it falls.

The access is quite easy, all you have to do is walk for about 5-10 minutes from the spot you park your car. Then you will reach a paved stairway of around 100 steps to descend and find the water.

The spot is also used for camping, trekking, and climbing by off–the–grid adventurers.

There are also many other paths alongside, for those who wish to explore the nature around by hiking. Nearby you can find the perfect spot for a family picnic. Keep in mind, however, that no amenities are provided, so bring your own snacks and water.

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