Best Sunset Spots in Santorini

Just a look at a picture of Santorini Island can fill you with travel lust. It is one of the most famous Greek islands, in the world, with about 2 million visitors yearly and it has one of the best sunsets you can see.

Santorini was once a volcano that erupted 3600 years ago. From this eruption, this beautiful island was born. Its soil is a mixture of ashes from the volcano and solidified lava. The island is surrounded by black and red rocks that catch visitors’ breath. 

On top of these stiff dark rocks are built the villages of Santorini, with their unique Cycladic architectures: white houses with blue windows. They stand there for years like jewels of the Aegean. 

Santorini is famous for its climate, the exquisite landscape, the delicious wines, and much more. One of the top attractions of Santorini is the mesmerizing views of the sunset. People flock is specific locations of the island to see the sun diving in the Aegean Sea, filling the horizon with the most amazing colors. This article is a guide to the best places to see the sunset in Santorini. 

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Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Santorini

Sunset in Oia

Santorini - Best places to visit in greece
Oia, Santorini during sunset

Oia is a traditional Cycladic village built on the top of a cliff. Every afternoon hundreds of people go to the Castle of Oia to admire the view of the sunset and take pictures. Getting there, you will see people from all over the world and hear more languages than ever. Everyone is holding a camera and taking photos of the unique landscape. 

Oia’s sunset is magnificent: the background of the picturesque caldera with its white and blue houses and the windmills. Nevertheless, this is not the most romantic location. The crowds in the castle are insane, and you need to get there 2-3 hours before sunset if you want to find a good spot for photos. People flock in the terraces, the alleys, and the walk sides. 

If you do not want to be around that many people, you can walk to the east of Oia towards the churches with the blue domes. There are some less crowded spots on this site, and the view is equally good.

Sunset on Skaros Rock

Sunset on Skaros Rock
Sunset on Skaros Rock

In the area of Imerovigli, there is one more location from which you can admire the sunset: the Skaros rock. This location used to be a citadel but, few ruins of the old settlement remain nowadays. 

You can get to Skaros Rock through a path that takes you from the village to the top of the rock in about 20-30 minutes. The pathway is not hard to walk, but you need sneakers, and a bottle of water -and of course, do not forget your camera.

Skaros Rock is not as busy as Oia’s castle, but in the high touristic season, it is one of the places tourists like to visit when they want to enjoy the view of sunset in the Aegean. On the horizon, you can see other islands like Folegandros, Sikinos, and Ios.

A few hundred steps under the rock, you can see the small chapel of Hagios Ioannis. If you are in good physical condition, you can descend and watch the sunset from there. Going up is a challenge, though, because the steps are many and stiff. 

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Sunset in Fira

sunset from Fira
sunset from Fira

Fira is the largest town on the island. It has plenty of hotels, shops, and restaurants. It also has the main port of the island. 

Fira is not so famous for the view of the sunset, but it is built facing the west and overseeing the Aegean, and you can get a beautiful and romantic view of the sunset there. The benefit of seeing the sunset in Fira is the calm spots with only a few people.

You can choose one of the many cozy bars and restaurants and see the sunset while having dinner or a refreshing cocktail.

Sunset in the Akrotiri Lighthouse

Sunset in the Akrotiri Lighthouse - best sunset spots Santorini
Sunset in the Akrotiri Lighthouse

On the southwest corner of the island is the Akrotiri Lighthouse. It was built around 1892 by a French Company, and it now belongs to the Greek Navy. The lighthouse keeper’s house is about ten meters high, and it is in an isolated area close to the village Akrotiri. It is one of the best sunset spots in Santorini because it is peaceful and less crowded than the previously mentioned locations.

From there, you have a mesmerizing view of the volcano and the west part of Santorini, and you can also see the caldera. You can see the sun setting, painting orange the surrounding rocky islets like Christiana and Kameni. It is the perfect destination for every romantic soul out there.

Sunset on Profitis Ilias mountain

Sunset on Profitis Ilias mountain
Sunset on Profitis Ilias mountain

Profitis Ilias mountain is the tallest on the island. It is about 567 meters above sea level and overlooks the whole island. On the top is the monastery of Prophet Helias, one of the spiritual centers of the island, built in the 18th century. If you get there during the visiting hours, you can get in and admire the byzantine architecture. 

The monastery is 3 kilometers away from Pyrgos village, and you can reach it taking the uphill path that begins at the central square. The view of the sunset for the monastery is truly breathtaking. The panoramic view of the island surrounded by the sparkling waters is something that will stick to your memory.

Sunset Cruise

sunset cruise Santorini - best places to see the sunset in Santorini
Santorini sunset cruise

Once in Santorini, you should spoil yourself -you deserve it! Apart from that, the island calls for luxurious holidays. And what better way of doing that, other than taking a sunset cruise like this one? You can board in the morning, but we recommend taking the cruise in the sunset hours. They will offer you a nice warm meal and drinks, and they will take you to the best spot from where you will have the best view of the sunset.

Seeing the sunset of Santorini from a catamaran is a one-in-a-lifetime experience that you should not miss -and of course, do not forget to take pictures to share with your friends and family.

Click here for more information, and book your sunset cruise in Santorini.

Sunset in Firostefani

sunset in Firostefani - Best sunset in Santorini
sunset in Firostefani

Last but not least in this list of the best spots to see the sunset in Santorini is Firostefani. It is the highest part of Fira, and from there, you have a magnificent view of the sunset and the volcano. The settlement has picturesque houses, small chapels in blue and white, and a cozy and calm atmosphere. If you find yourself in Firostefani in the sunset hours, sit on one of the terraces and enjoy the view of the sun diving in the sea. 

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