Where to Stay In Tinos: The Best Hotels

The third biggest island of the Cyclades, Tinos, is mostly known as Greece’s top pilgrimage site. Thanks to the resplendent white church of Evagelistria (Our Lady of Tinos), every Orthodox from Greece and even the Balkans travels to the island of Tinos in August to pray there.

But the savvy traveler knows that there is a lot more to Tinos than just the spiritual experience that can be found walking through the great gates of the stunning church complex: there are gorgeous beaches to visit, stunning architecture, gorgeous marble works everywhere, and amazing food.

Tinos is a delightful mix of relaxation, culture, and mysticism that makes it unique among all the Greek islands!

There are several excellent places to stay depending on what you’re looking to experience on the island and who you plan to enjoy your vacation with. Be it on your own, with friends, with your partner, or with your family, here are some of the best options for you to consider!

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Where to Stay in Tinos, Greece

Tinos boasts several unique villages. Each village has its own character and personality, yielding beauty and experiences you can’t find in others. Therefore, consider renting a car to explore the entire island at your own pace!

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In each village, you can find a lot of different types of accommodation, picturesque and traditional. Alternatively, you can opt to stay in a boutique hotel or a beach resort.

Chora, Tinos

Chora Tinos, Where to stay in Tinos

Tinos’ Chora is the island’s capital and main port town. It is a cluster of beautiful, white-washed houses in the traditional Cycladic architectural style, complete with winding paved side roads and paths. Exploring Chora is like treasure hunting!

You don’t know what you will discover in the next narrow street you turn to: it could be a gorgeous archway, decorated with the delicate pink and fuchsia of the bougainvillea, or it could be a pastry shop with delicious local desserts and candy!

The island is renowned for its marble work and you can see it already, with carved, marble decorations over doorways and at yard gates depicting maritime scenes or flowers.

Where to eat in Chora, Tinos

There are several excellent restaurants to enjoy a meal at in Chora, from the rustic and traditional tavernas to fine dining restaurants. There is also international cuisine, bars, clubs, and cafés of great variety. All you need to do is walk through Chora and discover them!

Transportation and shops in Chora, Tinos

You don’t need more than your own two feet to get around within Chora, but there are several options for transportation beyond it.

There is extensive bus service in Tinos, and Chora is the place to get it! Buses will take you to most of the villages and beaches of the island.

You can also get around by taxi or public transfers. Last but not least, you can rent a car or motorbike and be independent in your explorations.

As far as shops for groceries and other necessities are concerned, you can find all you need as Chora has supermarkets, greengrocers, and a lot more. There are pharmacies and news outlets as well as beauty products shops, bookshops that carry foreign titles, and more.

Fratelli Rooms: This is a high-quality budget hotel, with clean rooms, good service, and a great location. Just two minutes from the center of town where all the shops are and right next to the port, Fratelli Rooms is in the perfect location for exploring and getting the best of Chora.

Vincenzo Family Hotel: This is an excellent hotel for families and couples alike. With excellent room service and a special breakfast with local delicacies, you will feel pampered without breaking the bank!

Voreades: This guesthouse is simply gorgeous, with iconic Tinian architecture which makes it picturesque and elegant. The rooms have a balcony or terrace and full amenities. Breakfast is traditional with local produce, served in a gorgeous breakfast room. There’s also a bar to enjoy your cocktail at in the evenings!


Kardiani Village  - Best places to stay in Tinos
Kardiani Village

Kardiani is Tinos’ little oasis. A gorgeous, verdant mountain village with lovely creeks and breathtaking, sweeping views of the entire island, you are bound to fall in love with it! Kardiani is a great village to make your base of operations, and here are some great places to stay:

Where to eat in Kardiani

There are great restaurants to enjoy at Kardiani, mostly with a focus on the local cuisine, Greek staple dishes, and Mediterranean fusion. You can also enjoy coffee at traditional cafés and a nice cocktail at various bars!

Transportation and shops in Kardiani

You can get to Kardiani by bus if you hop on the Tinos – Panormos line. You can find shops to buy your essentials and any groceries within the village. There is also a pharmacy.

The Goat House: This is a beautiful villa with gorgeous views, suitable if you plan to vacation with your family or a large group of friends. The house sleeps 5-7 people, has all the necessary amenities for a luxurious stay, and a fully stocked kitchen plus breakfast service!

Living Theros Luxury Suites: This gorgeous suite complex is ideal for couples. Each suite has gorgeous views and full amenities that will make you feel pampered and surrounded by traditional elegance. Don’t miss out on the opulent breakfast!

Casa Donata: This modern yet traditional villa sleeps six and is great for families or groups. Its location is perfect for exploring Kardiani and the rest of the island. You get wonderful views, a lovely terrace to relax in, and all the necessary amenities for a luxurious stay, including a fully stocked kitchen.

Pyrgos and Panormos

Pyrgos Village - Where to stay in tinos
Pyrgos Village, Tinos

Pyrgos is Tinos’ biggest village and arguably one of the most beautiful. It is the home of Giannoulis Chalepas, a neoclassical sculptor of international renown among several more famous artists and craftsmen. Pyrgos is considered the heart of all marble arts and the decorations on the houses and streets show it!

Just below Pyrgos, there is Panormos village, the small port city of Tinos and virtually an extension of Pyrgos. Panormos is protected from Tinos’ perpetual winds, so it’s a great choice for staying!

Where to eat in Pyrgos and Panormos

Pyrgos and Panormos have excellent tavernas. Panormos’ tavernas are renowned for their seafood dishes and grill. There are also great cafés and pastry shops to enjoy. Don’t miss out on having your coffee and sweet under Pyrgos’ great platan tree in the village square!

Transportation and shops in Pyrgos and Panormos

You can get to Pyrgos and Panormos by bus if you hop on the Tinos-Panormos line. You can find picturesque shops to get your groceries as well as a pharmacy.

Skaris Guesthouse Tinos: This vacation house complex is ideal if you like a feeling of luxury and independence or if you like to travel with your pet. Enjoy pleasant, modern yet still traditionally inspired rooms, full amenities, and even a car rental service.

Imarkellis Boutique Villas: These villas boast not only excellent amenities, beautiful rooms and furniture, and fully stocked kitchens, but also room service, a pool, and a garden. Your villa will feature a living room and separate dining room and the terrace has an outdoor barbecue. The villas are pet-friendly.

Beach resorts in Tinos

Kionia Beach - Where to stay in tinos
Kionia Beach

If you are looking to lounge at the beach, a beach resort is ideal! Here are the top beach resorts in Tinos:

Byzantio Beach Suites and Wellness: Located at Aghios Sostis beach, which is highly popular among lovers of windsurfing, Byzantio Beach suites aim to provide luxury and relaxation for all their guests. The rooms are in a traditional but highly modern style and the beach is organized with full service.

Golden Beach Hotel: This historic hotel is located at Aghios Fokas beach, a private, beautiful sandy beach that is protected from the wind. The rooms are rustic and luxurious, with a view of the beach or to the beautiful gardens of the resort. A morning breakfast buffet or continental breakfast is available to all guests. A lounge bar and restaurant will offer service on-premises or at the beach!

Tinos Beach Hotel: This resort is at Kionia beach, another relatively protected sandy beach where you can enjoy your swim even on windy days. Opulent breakfasts are the resort’s specialty and there is also an outdoor pool to enjoy.

Where to eat

There are several excellent restaurants within most beach resorts, some with fine dining Mediterranean cuisine while others branch out to more international options. You can also enjoy a cocktail or drink at the various bars and beach bars in the resorts. 

Transportation and shops

There are bus lines that go to each resort. You can also arrange for bus service with the beach resort to pick you up from the port, right off the boat! While there may be small shops for essentials it’s a good idea to get any necessities from the supermarkets at Chora.

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FAQ About the Best Places to Stay In Tinos

Do you need a car in Tinos?

Although there is a public bus that you can use to visit many places around Tinos, it is recommended to rent a car.

What is Tinos known for?

Tinos is known for the Church of Panagia Evangelistria, the beautiful villages, and the dovecotes.

How many days do you need in Tinos?

There are many things one can do in Tinos. From relaxing on the beautiful beaches to exploring the picturesque villages and enjoying the delicious food. I recommend staying at least 3 days in Tinos.

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