A home away from home: Pepi’s House in Paxos Island Greece

In April I had the pleasure of visiting one of Greece’s most beautiful islands Paxos, a jewel in the Ionian Sea. I visited the island with my friend from university Michalis who has a beautiful house there that he actually rents.  My stay at Pepi`s House, as it is called is among the fondest memories I have from the island.

Pepi’s is located in the village of Loggos 10 minutes away by car from the port of Gaios. The village of Loggos is home to two beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, a mini market, a bakery and a couple of restaurants and bars.

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The house is fully furnished and has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with two single beds. It also has a spacious living room with an open plan kitchen and a bathroom. The highlight of the house is the beautiful garden, where you can relax, have your breakfast and enjoy the view of the sea and the smell of the flowers.

Pepi’s House is by far the coziest, the cutest, and the most home-like place I ‘ve ever stayed at, and a true testimony of how Greek Hospitality should feel like, as it was offered to me by Mrs. Pepi and her family. I won’t lie to you when I say that leaving that place and a few weeks later, it makes me feel homesick in a very heartfelt way!

The premise is beautiful on its own, with stunning sea view, on a hillside overlooking abandoned structures of what must have been a nice little loud neighborhood a century back, but now Pepi s House stands as a lonely sentinel of life stories left untold. It s renovated, and feels like brand new since it s actually the first season that is going to run but at the same time, things and furniture inside make it feel like if it s a time machine that to me personally brought memories of watching “the little house in the prairie ” while growing up!

Every corner of the house and every picture on the wall have a story of their own if you d like to listen to the stories the family is willing to share with you the times you would like them to be around. They live close by in another little studio, and they are really discrete if you want to have your privacy, but at the times you’d like their company (if you’d like that of course) you will really have a great time appreciating Greek Culture in the  form of anything from history of the island, to cooking classes you could arrange to have with them!

Pepi herself will be a “Greek Mom” for everybody, with her poor English and her huge heart and will make you feel at home, Michalis will assist you with everything you might need and be the official interpreter and man to communicate with, with his great level in English and fascination with mythology, and his fiance Tamara being a Serbian instead of a Greek, will give you the chance to get a glimpse of yet another Balkan country with her stories and recipes, and she can even share her insight as a great gardener that she is!

Do not hesitate to book this place, as I believe you will not easily experience this kind of accommodation, that it s far from the typical “rent a house” thing you can get everywhere. Here you will have the chance to really say “I visited Greece” and actually mean it as it s meant and has been forgotten in the years that tourism alienated hospitality from the industry.

Mrs. Pepi and her amazing cooking

For more information, you can call them at 694 226 2122


or visit: https://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/accommodation/p6512758

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